…and then we commandeered a yacht.

Inside JoCo 2017, Part 1 of 3: in which I find myself in San Diego yet again.

You: ’kay so that’s lovely and all, but wth is a JoCo?

Me: Fabulous question. I adore you for asking. JoCo is a week-long floating meetup comprised of hackers, gamers, makers, podcasters, singer/songwriters, improv & sketch comedians, cosplayers, and other delightful nerdy types. We* charter a boat for ourselves and carouse our way from San Diego down the Pacific coast for a few days to Loreto, Mexico. There we throw ourselves a music festival (JoCoachella) because of course we do. A boat full of musicians & entertainers? Please. Then we turn the ship around, and do the whole thing in reverse.

… Truthfully tho we don’t so much “commandeer” the yacht as ask nicely if we can charter it for a week. Because MANNERS, y’all. Also it’s less a yacht and more like the MS Westerdam.

So off I go. No idea what the wifi-at-sea situation will be, but I guess we’ll all find out together, yes? See you onboard — I’ll be the one kicking ass at shuffleboard.


(*And by “we” I mean the actual organizers. My role in this lovely nerdfest is to leisurely stroll onboard after everything is ready.)

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