Please send otters

This is my day: an email arrives addressed to

“Dear Patron Saint of the Over-Caffeinated (and Otters)”

I was super confused how a potential client would know to address me so accurately, until I remembered that it’s the auto-filled subject line of my new contact form. This is what happens when you decide your website needs some improvements at 3am.

In other news: free photography!

Yes, for realsies. I have joined up with Pixabay, the home for high quality public domain photography. For starters, I released four photos in the wild. Previews:


They’re yours for free or buy me a coffee, Paypal style. Your call really.

Go get ‘em.

I’m off to Honolulu tomorrow. So much tropical goodness coming your way soon!

p.s. ~ Please do not actually send otters. Do you have any idea how much otter postage costs? That money is better used to support your Toblerone habit. I’m assuming.
*Do* feel free to tag me in Instagram otter pics.