The Sunday Post | May 7th

The Sunday Post

A weekly series in which I share with you everything I’m loving right now. Enjoy…

The Sunday Quote

Mine is a world of coffee and art and travel. This is especially apparent in this week’s finds:

  1. Hong Kong Strong from Brandon Li
    I love Brandon’s work more than words can say. It’s amazing what a kid with a camera and a drone can do. He’s known for filming without a script, then crafting the narrative(s) in post production — and he is in a class by himself when it comes to this type of unscripted filmmaking. As a writer, I appreciate a filmmaker who actually cares about the story rather than just assembling a montage of pretty pictures. Inspiring.
  2. Delsey Helium Sky Trolley Tote
    I feel beyond dorky including it, but the fact is that having the right bag for your trip is important. Mainly because if you don’t have the right bag, you may find yourself with no bag at all. I deplaned at HNL recently only to discover that my (old, now defunct) luggage was still in Atlanta. I had checked it because it was too big and heavy for me to lift into the overhead bins. It possibly weighed more than I do. What was I even doing with a bag that enormous? Having learned my lesson, I’m not taking any chances in Europe: five flights on three separate airlines to get me to Lake Bled = my spiffy new me-sized ultra-lightweight fits-under-the-seat bag is staying in my sight at all times. Also: it’s the color of lust and adventure and summer sunsets.
  3. Joshua Cripp’s Photography Tips YouTube Channel
    Mr. Cripps knows his craft. When I need to learn one single task, for instance: “what’s the best workflow for double processing a raw file?”, Joshua Cripps has the answer (use smart objects). He’s funny in a delightfully nerdy way, and he keeps his content short and to the point.
  4. This cinematic color grading video
    The art direction in films is an interest of mine. Shocking, I know. Specifically, I notice color palettes used to create a particular mood. Tim Burton and Baz Luhrmann are both excellent at creating a signature look through use of color. The video below does a fantastic job of explaining to novices how color works, before diving into the part I am interested in: using cinematic-style color grading on still photography. This was such a gratifying find for me. Regardless of how long you’ve been at it, there is always room to up your game, yes?
  5. Mushroom coffee lattes
    Most hotel room coffee sucks, wouldn’t you agree? The mushroom coffee from Four Sigmatic — which I used to think was called Four Stigmata (ew lol) — has kept me going throughout my travels this year. They make several varieties; my favorite is the coffee with cordyceps and chaga mushrooms. It’s a powder, so give me some hot water and I’m good to go. Add some almond milk and a bit of cardamom…. nirvana. Ps: they also make mushroom hot cacao. I predict it will be showing up in a future Sunday Post edition.

Tiny bags, lots of learning, beauty, and mushroomy goodness… that about covers it for this week. I hope some of my favorite things become your favorite things.