The Sunday Post | May 14th

The Sunday Post

A weekly series in which I share with you three things I’m loving right now. Enjoy…


  1. Rhino Man
    This documentary is the story of the rangers, a group in South Africa who are standing up to the poachers who exploit African Rhinos. Beautifully shot and scripted, this film proves that humans are unstoppable when we band together around a single purpose. Trailer:
  2. Death to Stock
    How do you feel about traditional stock photography? Yeah, me too. Lately collectives of photographers have been popping up to provide free photography that doesn’t suck. There are many, yet I’m spotlighting Death to Stock because I like that they curate packs around a theme and deliver them directly to my inbox. This frees up my time for important things, such as napping or catching up on my netflix watchlist. You can review recent packs before signing up.
    Death to Stock - recent packs
  3. Opatija, Croatia
    (oh-pah-tee-ah) Known as the “Riviera of Croatia”, this darling coastal town is a summer getaway for Europe’s elite. The hillside spills down to the sparkly Adriatic sea, with villas dotted amongst the olive groves and lush greenery. Many of the hotels are also spas, if that’s your thing (um, yes please). I was instantly charmed and hope to spend much more than two piddly days on my next trip.

That about covers it for this week. I hope some of my favorite things become your favorite things.