Swiping right on adventure

Opening thoughts from the always spectacular @markmorford:

Words to live by

So there I was last weekend, deciding that spending another hot humid summer in Key West was beyond silly. I’m done with Key West. But where to go?

My favorite travel mused whispered,

Part 1: The Plan

Allllll my brain hamsters screeched to a stop.

Part2: Cleveland

Omg, the cool kids would haaaaate that. I am naturally contrarian so

Part3: I'm In.

And just like that I swiped right on Cleveland, Ohio.

I drove through 7 states in 4 days to get to there. It’s not that there weren’t other places I wanted to see along the way; of course there were. It’s that when you’re done with a place, you’re just …done. The more distance you put between you and it, the faster you get to a better place.

(People work like that, too.)

Velvet on velvet

Key West is lovely, but we never really had much in common. My leaving was wayyyy overdue. So I said goodbye to my much-adored treehouse apartment with its extra-extra-extra comfy bed.

First stop: Florida mainland.

A drinking fountain that doubles as a urinal? A men-only fountain? So many question for you, Florida.
Florida Coast
It takes a really long time to get out of Florida by car.
Spiral Shell
Yup, still Florida.

The Carolinas:


Blue Ridge Parkway
The Blue Ridge Parkway is stunning. STUNNING, I said.
Before I Die - Asheville
Heyyyy Asheville. You’re fun. Whatcha doin’ later?

A few more states, and finally …Cleveland:

Welcome to the Tudor Arms

Suite Life
Is there anything more indulgent than a swanky hotel suite?

Oh yes, I soooo made the correct choice.
3 days down, 118 to go.

Hello Also Goodbye

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