It’s the elk’s fault.

Trip log: today I passed over the Continental Divide, elevation: 6930 feet. There was no place to pull over to snap a photo of the official sign, because apparently the people who plan highways don’t know how social media works.

It’s pretty up here. Features include: snow-capped mountains — SNOW in June — and also an elk, acting all casual like he belonged there or something. I considered grabbing his photo, but — again — there wasn’t an obvious place to pull over. It’s really no wonder that people can’t remember Wyoming exists.

At the time of said elk sighting, I was on a tiny highway with many large trucks lumbering by. I figured if I stopped on the mostly nonexistent shoulder to try for a photo, a semi might hit my car into the ditch and when the highway patrol officer asked me what happened I’d be all “it’s his fault”, pointing at the elk. No doubt the officer would side with the elk and I’d get arrested for harassing wildlife. Wouldn’t be the first time.


In other news, Society6 just told me they are having some sort of super secret 1-day sale Sunday, June 25th. Depending on when you are reading this, that might be tomorrow. Or today. Or last month.

If you have been considering treating yourself to one of my art prints, this would be an excellent time to score a good deal.

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