Adventures among the wildflowers

Wandering through mountains, meadows, and a babbling brook or two in northern Utah.

Gibs Loop Trail in Ogden Utah
01 | Gib’s Loop Trail. Or rather, one of the many seasonal snow-melt streams that runs along side it.
Sunlight Dandelion
02 | Not a dandelion. This is Wild Salsify, a softball-sized flower…that looks exactly like a giant mutant dandelion. Never ever say that to the internet however, because it does not have a sense of humor about calling a plant by the wrong name. You have not been flamed until you’ve been flamed by an indignant botanist online.
HIking Trail in Ogden Utah
03 | Supposedly there’s big salty lake around here somewhere? Maybe this way? Pro tip: if you are climbing *up* into the mountains, you can be pretty sure the lake is behind you, as water tends to flow downward. I know, science is bananas.
Summer Wildflowers
04 | Flower party. The light was so seriously pretty this morning. Behind the mountain at first, peeking out here and there, all bashful …and then boom! It popped up and everything was LIT.
05 | More snow melting down the mountain. Icy.
06 | Ladybug.
07 | View
Flower Macro
08 | Wild Salsify up close. See what I mean? Lit.

I can honestly tell you that I never thought I’d say the words I’d like to spend more time here about northern Utah. And yet, there they are.

Well done, Beehive State. You have won me over.

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Words & images © 2017 Kristian Gallagher