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Hi, I’m Kristian.

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Bios are so super boring. Let’s do something else instead. You in?


California born, Texas raised, livin’ in Paradise. Currently, paradise = Key West.

My first camera? A vintage Pentax K1000. It required a thing called “film” which had to be “developed”.

My first photography class involved an actual darkroom. In retrospect, letting unsupervised angsty teenagers play with dangerous chemicals in the dark  doesn’t seem like the best idea. We didn’t blow the place up — or burn it down — so… success?

Current lineup: Nikon D750 + Ricoh GR + iPhone …and occasionally other people’s iPhones. Shouldn’t leave those things lying around unless you want your photos app to get really interesting. And possibly NSFW.

Awards & big name clients? Yup. You’ve heard of the Addys, right? Perhaps a few mom-n-pop shops like Harvard University, the US Navy, Microsoft, AT&T, Dell, and this cute little startup called Facebook? (I think it’s going to catch on.)

My photography bucket list: Blue Lagoon in Iceland, The Baths in BVI, Hot Water Beach in New Zealand.  Raise your hand if you spot the trend.

It took me until 2016 to join Instagram. I KNOW.

Life philosophy: Slow down. Be present. Go deep.

‘Busy’ is one of the most evil words ever invented. I am quite fond of ‘productive’ and ‘accomplishment’, however.

I am ridiculously happy to get to do this everyday. Yes, really.


Still confused about what I do? Yeah, me too sometimes. Easy answer:  All the things.

Honestly, when anyone has been at this for as long as I have, they either develop a broad skill set, or they are the only human in the 21st century lacking some flavor of attention deficit. If you are that person, there are scientists who would like a word with you and will possibly poke you a bit. 

On the other hand, if you stopped by because you have a project in mind — just ask already. Odds are I will say yes, availability permitting. If I can’t do it, I will tell you. If I can do part of it but the rest is better left to someone else, I will tell you and also recommend a someone else because I know loads of talented someone elses.

(…and if the project is world domination, hello new BFF.)

Perhaps you arrived at this page looking for stats, credentials and other typical bio fodder. If so please feel free to download the press kit… after I eventually write it.  


After all that, you want more? Go read the blog.
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