Because yelling at the shower always helps

On a trip deep into the gorgeous Cascade Mountains, it’s me versus technology.

The fancy shower with the weird controls isn’t cooperating. I twist the bottom handle clockwise, then counter clockwise. I try again with the upper handle. Maybe it’s this other thingy? Water continues to pour out of the tub faucet. The shower head remains dry.

I am standing naked in a deep jetted hot tub as I fiddle with the annoying knobs. This tub is in my hotel room. Also in this room are a fireplace, the biggest bottle of San Pellegrino I have ever seen, and an artisanal mushroom pizza. What exactly makes it artisanal is unclear; room service menus are maddeningly vague. Continue reading “Because yelling at the shower always helps”

Adventures among the wildflowers

Wandering through mountains, meadows, and a babbling brook or two in northern Utah.

Gibs Loop Trail in Ogden Utah
01 | Gib’s Loop Trail. Or rather, one of the many seasonal snow-melt streams that runs along side it.
Sunlight Dandelion
02 | Not a dandelion. This is Wild Salsify, a softball-sized flower…that looks exactly like a giant mutant dandelion. Never ever say that to the internet however, because it does not have a sense of humor about calling a plant by the wrong name. You have not been flamed until you’ve been flamed by an indignant botanist online.

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It’s the elk’s fault.

Trip log: today I passed over the Continental Divide, elevation: 6930 feet. There was no place to pull over to snap a photo of the official sign, because apparently the people who plan highways don’t know how social media works.

It’s pretty up here. Features include: snow-capped mountains — SNOW in June — and also an elk, acting all casual like he belonged there or something. I considered grabbing his photo, but — again — there wasn’t an obvious place to pull over. It’s really no wonder that people can’t remember Wyoming exists. Continue reading “It’s the elk’s fault.”

And then my life flashed before my eyes


…and it was everything I hoped it would be. This was not just a museum of rock & roll. It was a massive sensory overload flashback of my life. And yours, too.

It’s the first time you heard Johnny Cash’s cover of Nine Inch Nails’ Hurt. When you learned the words to It’s The End of the World (And I Feel Fine). Bohemian Rhapsody. Gangsta’s Paradise. Creep. The first time you saw the Thriller video. The opening riff to Smells Like Teen Spirit. Purple Rain. My Sharona. Space Oddity. Everlong. You Shook Me All Night Long. Walk This Way. Supermassive Black Hole. Continue reading “And then my life flashed before my eyes”