kristian gallagher

at the intersection of words & images

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Photography Services

I specialize in lifestyle & product photography, tourism photography, and social content creation and curation. I also book private commissions.
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Coaching & Private Instruction

Private instruction is the answer for people who are not interested in (or do not have time for) a structured class curriculum. Coaching flips the traditional instructor talks / you listen paradigm. When you hire me as a coach, your job is to tell me your improvement goals. My job is to listen, and then show you how to achieve it. It is the ultimate customized learning.
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Creative Direction & Styling

For photographers and filmmakers who are more into the technical aspects, a creative director can do the heavy lifting on the visual identity, styling,  and marketing side of the project. I can ease the workload by taking care of the creative details so you can focus (get it?) on getting the shot.
But that’s not all.


Portfolio Reviews

(Although I am on break from this until later in the year. Let’s revisit it later, shall we?)